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Flexibility. Simplicity. Agility. Arigoo’s Business Process Management solution embodies all these qualities that are pertinent in any BPM platform. Drive your business process with ease and flexibility. Simplify the IT management of your organization. And rapidly deploy business applications. Achieve all this on a single platform.

Flowtrix, our flagship Business Process Management system is a fully integrated software solution that allows you to seamlessly manage and model your business processes and setup informational databases. Flowtrix is built to support change. Anytime, anywhere.

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Creating your next business application could be as easy as designing on an electronic canvas. The Arigoo Flowtrix platform provides a visual interface to create forms, workflow and business rules through wizards and dialogue boxes. Simplify your design process through a drag-and-drop tool which provides visual feedback to the designers. Regardless of IT deveoper or Business Analyst alike, you will no longer need to depend on the full SDLC methdology to deploy your business applications. Creation on the fly, available for immediate validation. Visually architect forms and workflows with Flowtrix today!



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Utilize a user-friendly portal to manage and track your notifications easily. Flowtrix's PortalNet runs on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer so you will never need to worry about finding the right browser to run your business applications. In addition, group users on the move and enable mobile notifications for them. Key stakeholders in the business process will now be empowered to take action on pending requests via mobile devices. If you already have Microsoft Sharepoint as your Enterprise Portal, you can now enhance Sharepoint's collaborative features through Flowtrix's workflow and businss rule engine.



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Tracking the metrics for your business processes has never been easier with the Flowtrix platform. Create a report template directly from your e-forms. Simplify data mining and extraction into polished reports with charts and graphics.



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Extend Flowtrix's reporting capability with the Flowtrix Cycle-time Performance Monitor Connector. The tool provides managers with measurement metrics directly from the raw data in Flowtrix, quickly and accurately. Managers and analysts can continuously improve performance by discovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies. A user-friendly interface helps the users configure and set those parameters effortlessly.


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