Lotus Notes Application Migration

Migrating out of Lotus Notes Domino involves a very time consuming, tedious and costly process. Rebuilding applications from ground-up coding to replace your Lotus Notes applications would be taking one step backward in your organization’s technology progression.

Remember why you deployed Lotus Notes for all its reusable components and avoided ground up development? What you need is a complete solution with the same if not a more comprehensive set of reusable components in the target .NET platform which is able to rapidly deploy your business applications and provide the ease of maintenance so that you can lower your TCO.

Arigoo’s Flowtrix provides a comprehensive platform for you to transit Lotus Notes applications to a Microsoft .NET-based solution. Flowtrix is the solution to your needs. The platform provides the foundation that not only house translated Lotus Notes objects through equivalent functionalities in .NET, but also extends the life of these objects by providing a common .NET-based framework that is feature-rich, extensible and flexible. In the Flowtrix platform, various Lotus Notes Domino components like ACLs, forms, workflow, business logics, reports etc. have an equivalent component. For example, Flowtrix utilizes Microsoft ActiveDirectory to manage user IDs and authentication, which is the equivalent of the Lotus Notes ACLs. LotusScript can be replaced by the Business Rule Engine (BRE) on VB.NET within Flowtrix and much more.

Other collaborative features and a document repository in Lotus Notes can be transited to SharePoint’s collaborative tools and Shared Library concept. With integration to the SharePoint portal, Arigoo is able to ease your transition from Lotus Notes through a complete end-to-end solution to automate your business processes.

Take a great leap forward. Ease your transition and reduce maintenance costs. Deploy Flowtrix today!

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