Flowtrix SQ.1


Visual e-Form architect Visual workflow architect
Workflow binding Granular security configuration
Business Rule Engine (BRE) Comprehensive notification management
Auditing Integration points
Search Capability Import & export capability across platform
Data concurrency Comprehensive platform administration
High Availability


Arigoo logo   Visual e-Form architect

Visually design and create powerful electronic forms which can model your existing forms closely. Easily align and reposition form elements with the new formatting tool bar. Enhance the power of your electronic forms by integrating your business logic right into the form-design through event-based actions like on-load, on-save, on-click etc. Configure field validation through a dialogue box. Create a data-grid which allows spreadsheet-like data-entry through cut/copy/paste functions as well as inline column filters. Create forms-within-forms (sub-forms) for better data organization and representation.











Arigoo logo   Visual workflow architect

An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for both IT developers and business analysts alike to design and create effective workflows. Model existing processes easily and translate them to electronic workflows which can be executed exactly the way you want it to. Workflow themes allow easy representation of workflow actions so that the designer can tell, at a glance, the functions of each bubble.



Arigoo logo   Workflow binding

Bind your form data to your workflows. This powerful feature allows you to configure a different look and feel at each stage of the workflow so that you will only need to maintain a single form to serve multiple groups.



Arigoo logo   Granular security configuration

With MS Active Directory synchronization, Flowtrix authenticates with a central directory, thereby simplifying User ID/password maintenance. You can now drill down to specific security settings on the Flowtrix platform, which offer three levels of security control:

  • Form level security
    Control the rights to view/modify/add/delete form design, archive form data, soft delete, restore soft delete data etc.
  • Field level security
    Control the access rights to view/modify fields in a form. Drag and group box into your form design to group the fields and set the common access rights for the entire group box, eliminating the need to configure individual fields.
  • Data security based on manager-subordinate relation
    Set access rights based on manager-subordinate relations for your data in order to compartmentalize your security. Subordinates (peers) will not be able to view each other's data, while the manager will be able to view all the data of the subordinates that he/she oversees.
With these three levels of security, Flowtrix offers a fine-grain control over security rights for a peace of mind.



Arigoo logo   Business Rule Engine (BRE)

Script your business rules right into your forms and workflows using Flowtrix's Business Rule Engine (BRE). Based on the VB.NET language, the scripts designed in BRE can be validated during design-time before it is published. The advanced Expression Editor has line numbers to help in quick access and debugging of the business logic. Dramatically cut down development time using built-in find-and-replace function as well as keyword auto-complete. Find that you are scripting the same function over and over again? Add your scripts to the Flowtrix Function Library so that you can reuse your scripts in multiple business applications across the platform.



Arigoo logo   Comprehensive notification/task management

Manage all your notifications/tasks items via three main interfaces – Flowtrix's PortalNet, your own email inbox or a smartphone mobile device. Built-in features include sub-folder creation to group notifications for ease of organization and a search box to quickly filter the relevant action.

On the web portal front, you have the flexibility to manage your notifications/tasks through delegate, auto-delegate, re-assignment and bulk-approval actions:

  • The auto-degate action allows you to set out-of-office rules so that pending items can be automatically routed to the person you choose to delgate the task to.
  • Re-assignment action allows managers to access the pending task of subordinates and re-assign them to another subordinate.
  • Bulk approve/reject actions allow for mass approval/rejection for pending items which do not require individual assessment.



Arigoo logo   Auditing

Audit trails are a very valuable asset to any organization. Track each user's actions throughout the process flow by turning on the form audit trail. Flowtrix will then automatically create a corresponding audit trail for every operation performed in that form. Every audit trail is also stamped with a date/time for reference, and can be accessed through the Administrator's portal.



Arigoo logo   Integration points

Flowtrix integrates with many of your organization's existing ERP systems and databases. Free yourself from worries on decommissioning your existing subsystems. With Flowtrix, you will not need to worry about integrating with those hard-to-migrate subsystems. Flowtrix is able to operate directly from a variety of databases and thus you will not be constrained by a particular database implementation.




Arigoo logo   Search capability

With a single click, generate a search form based on the form you have designed and you have enabled search capability to your data instantly. Your users will now be able to utilize field-level search functions in order to filter for specific search results.



Arigoo logo   Import & export capability across platform

FT SQ is built with ease-of-use features in mind. Export and import functionality is no longer limited to e-Forms. Now you can export and import e-forms, workflows and script (from the Function Library) within the Flowtrix platform. We have even built a "export as new" function to allow for form duplication/cloning within a few clicks!




Arigoo logo   Data concurrency

Imagine a scenario where multiple users are accessing a single record at the same time. The user who first accesses the record will "lock" it and thus will be able to edit the record, while the rest can only view the contents but not edit it. This feature prevents simultaneous modification of a single record so that modifications of one user will not be over-written by another user. Activate this out-of-the-box feature through a single click and you will be able to manage concurrent access to records stored in Flowtrix with ease!






Arigoo logo   Comprehensive platform administration

Assign a central platform administrator and delegate standard user-account administrative functions to a sub administrator.

This allows de-centralization of standard administrative functions so that each sub-administrator can maintain user-accounts under his/her own user group.

Allocate users to each user group for a particular application and limit the number of users for a particular user group managed by the sub-adminstrator. The Flowtrix platform fully supports Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model through this comprehensive set of administrative functions.



Arigoo logo   High Availability (HA)

Boost the resiliency of mission critical business processes using the Flowtrix HA component! Run a secondary instance of the Flowtrix platform as a standby node. The failover to the secondary instance is transparent and fast. Thus minimizing downtime and increasing availability for your critical business applications!


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