Products Overview

At its core, the Flowtrix platform provides the necessary building blocks to construct user friendly forms, define complex yet robust process flows, and allow you to bind silos of data together using the power of visual workflows. Modular in design and equipped with the capability to integrate and interoperate with various databases and ERP solutions, Flowtrix provides a singular BPM platform to meet the most demanding needs of any process-based organization.

Arigoo logo   The core revolution of application development

A paradigm shift in application development has arrived. Flowtrix revolutionizes the standard SDLC in order to deliver bigger, better and faster BPM solutions. Positioned as a rapid development tool, the Flowtrix platform reduces the implementation cycle of your business applications by many-fold. You are now able to achieve higher productivity as well as better measurement metrics of your existing process faster than before.

Arigoo logo   Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Implement a robust BPM solution with Arigoo Flowtrix. Flowtrix is the solution to drive your business process as you will be able to leverage on the cost-efficient Wintel architecture to deploy multiple applications which cuts across various business functions.

You will be able to benefit from:

  • A user-friendly web-based portal. Arigoo’s PortalNet is the centralized frontend interface for the end-users of your business application. Your users will only need to learn one user interface for various business applications that you roll-out and they will be able to interact with the system in no time.
  • Ease of implementation. Contain the roll-out cost with a CPU-based licensing model. Arigoo offers a comprehensive CPU-based licensing model which can scale according to your business needs.
  • Ease of management and maintenance. On the backend, managing your IT solutions has never been easier. Based on Microsoft’s .NET architecture, your IT team need to be trained only once to able to support a variety of business applications. Thus you will only need to maintain one logical skillset to effectively manage a complete BPM solution.

Arigoo logo   Maximize Return of Investments (ROI)

Use Flowtrix to support your business processes across various business functions. You are now able to deploy multiple business applications and interoperate with your existing ERP/database infrastructure with Flowtrix as the core revolution in your processes. You will be able to reap the benefits of your investments in a BPM solution right away.

Arigoo logo   End-to-end solution on a singular platform

You require a solution, not a set of tools to solve your process automation issues. A standalone workflow engine, forms engine, business rule engine or a report engine is not able to achieve your requirements for a complete and integrated solution. Imagine trying to get five different tools to work together to fulfill your requirements. Difficult? Not if you power your business process with Flowtrix. Flowtrix offers a complete integrated solution out-of-the-box that takes your mind off these integration issues so that you can focus on the real challenge of automating your business process.

Flowtrix gives you a peace of mind with a single platform comprising forms, workflow, business rules and report engine, all running on a database of your choice. Realize the full potential of a single platform through advanced features like workflow binding, 360° platform security, report scheduling through workflows etc. What was previously unachievable by integrating silo-solutions can now be fulfilled by a single BPM platform – Flowtrix.

Arigoo logo   Connect to a database of your choice

Flowtrix is built on the principle of interoperability with existing infrastructure. In a typical enterprise, various systems like UNIX, Microsoft, OpenSource systems, high-performance ERP systems etc. support the organization. Flowtrix runs not only on MS SQL, but also other industry-leading databases like Oracle, so you do not have to worry about migrating existing data. You now have the option to choose which database you would like to work with.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Flowtrix empowers your organization to build and roll out applications rapidly around your unique processes. It allows multiple solutions to be built on a singular platform, thereby increasing your business value and fortifying your unique differentiating quotient in your industry. You can offer better customer service and focus on your core strengths, in the process you can deliver fast, bigger and better with Flowtrix as your core revolution of your processes.

A platform that is scalable, flexible, interoperable and most importantly, user-friendly. This is an integrated platform that can drive the core revolution of your business process. This is the future of software. This is Arigoo Flowtrix.


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