Flowtrix Mobile Connector


Customizable email notification Security for mobile access
Customized portal for mobile devices Real-time participation in the business process

Arigoo logo   Customizable email notification

Workflow participants who are part of the mobile notification groups will receive notification in their respective smartphone inbox. Customize the contents of the notifications right in the Flowtrix workflow designer interface. Add links to the mobile portal in the notifications for easy access.



Arigoo logo   Security for mobile access

With the Flowtrix mobile portal, your notifications are protected from unauthorized access. Before taking action on the notification, participants are authenticated with a user ID and password. If your Flowtrix implementation is synchronized with your organization’s Active Directory, you will be able to utilize the same set of ID and password.



Arigoo logo   Customized portal for mobile devices

Accessing a full-fledge web portal via a small screen can be a painful experience. At Arigoo, we place a strong emphasis on usability. We have customized the portal for small-screen devices like a Blackberry phone or any other smartphone devices. Only content essential to your decision-making process is displayed on your device, thus you can be an active participant of the process anytime and anywhere.



Arigoo logo   Real-time participation in the business process

When a mobile users participates in a workflow, the actions taken (approve, reject etc.) are registered in the Flowtrix system immediately and once the action has been processed in the queue, the workflow moves to the next stage. There is neither synchronization nor time lag between the action and the processing so everything is done in real-time. No longer will you be tied to a desktop/laptop device. You have your Blackberry. And you will be able to make informed decisions with the bevvy of data presented in your hands. Now, you are further empowered with the ability to act on those decisions with the Flowtrix Mobile connector.



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